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 Important Tips on Puppy Potty Training

There are now many people who love keeping pets. One of the favorite pet among many people is a dog. However, there are a variety of dog breeds. When you choose Maltese puppies, for example, you need to be ready for puppy potty training. During house training a puppy, it is good that you remain patient and consistent, as well as have positive reinforcement. The goal should be to impart good habits and building a loving bond between you and your pet.

House training puppies can be done in various ways. One way to train your puppy is peeing on training pads inside the house. There are, however, several potty training tips for puppies. The first thing is to choose an area to keep the pads for your puppy to use. The area should be confined so that the puppy will only have limited options. You can keep the training pads in the laundry, kitchen or den. Read on training toy poodle puppy

It is, however, important that you find an area whose floor is easy to clean. For instance, rooms with linoleum or tiles would make a great choice. Watching for signs is the next thing you need after setting the training pads. You need to help your pet get started after setting everything in place. By spending time with your puppy, you will be able to watch for signs that he wants to relieve himself.

Once you notice the signs, you should take the puppy where you have placed the house training pads and give word to associate with the pad. You should also make sure he uses the pad as intended and then praise him as a sign of something good.

Also, you need to have a schedule on how your puppy would use the training pad. After some time, your puppy will learn he should go to the training pad whenever they want to relieve themselves. At first, frequent encouragement will be needed for your puppy. Having a definite schedule can be very helpful for your puppy. View adopting maltese puppies

For instance, you can take your puppy to the training pad in the morning immediately he wakes up, after eating, after waking up from naps, and after a long play session. It is during all such times when puppies need to relieve themselves.

Another important thing is watching for accidents. Accidents are obvious while when training your puppy to use house training pads. When you get him having an accident, just startle him by clapping your hands or making a loud noise to alert him it is not appropriate. You should then carry him to the training pad. Don’t punish the puppy if it has already happened and instead let it go. Learn more on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FG9xSgN86BM